Stuti Sutra 

Devotional |Meditation

Language: Hindi | CD

Stuti Sutra 

Devotional |Meditation

Language: Hindi | CD

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Manas Pooja


The Enchanting


Gurudev Tumhari Jai Hove




About the Album

Spiritual masters come with a message of hope for humanity and show a new way of leading life consciously. Having climbed the peaks to self-discovery, they come back as guides to the path to eternal truth. The masters remind us that we house within ourselves divine reality that is waiting to be discovered. 'Stuti Sutra' is one such mesmerising musical accolade that sings of glory unto the lotus feet of the master. An offering of love and gratitude that opens the gates of wisdom, the album starts with beautiful chanting followed by divine envision (manas pooja) worshipping the master. The next track 'The Enchanting' is one instrumental marvel that adds to the beauty of this album. And when you begin to feel tranquillity within your heart, like soothing moonlight, you would love to sing along with 'Gurudev Tumhari Jai Hove' lauding the Guru as the bright radiant moon of wisdom in the dark starry night of life. It exquisitely ends with ‘Aarti’ eulogising the Guru who pierces through the dark veils of ignorance of a disciple and lets him soar into the vast sky of absolute truth. And finally, just as the fragrance of a rose cannot be described by a thousand words until you actually inhale it, so also is 'Stuti Sutra', a fragrant tender flower, which cannot be described by shallow words. Open your heart with unconditional surrender and feel the magic for yourself!