Life is busy and will always be, to the extent that no time is left for oneself. And retreat is all about sparing time from your pressing life for your own self. It's time to learn, understand and practice. It's time to introspect, contemplate and look deeply within. It's time to break-free from mundane and ascend higher. This is what retreat is about where you learn to live wisely, experience meditation, understand the functioning of your mind, with the guidance of Sadgurudev Anandmurti Gurumaa. 

Ananda Utsav

Ananda Utsav: Retreat for healthy body, stress-free mind and illumined intellect

Great celebrative retreat to make your body disease-free, mind stress-free and intellect ignorance-free, so as to lead a healthy, conscious and evolving life.

Meditation Retreat

Meditation Retreat: Meditate, contemplate, evolve with the Master

Out of the world 5 days of meditation, introspection & contemplation, when you encounter your own mind and get empowered to command its reins.

Yoga Retreat

Explore Body & Mind Through Yoga & Pranayama: Yoga Retreat

Retreat beyond postures & techniques, where you explore the nuances of the art & science of yoga, and expand the limits of your body & mind.