Divine Love


What is divine love? If you think that it is a concept that be explained with the help of few words then this is not it! Yet it is only with the help of few words that revered master Anandmurti Gurumaa elucidates how it is not what we assume it to be. It begins with how the word ‘love’ has come to be used so thoughtlessly, so meaninglessly that it has lost its essential fragrance, its beauty. Be it a thing, a person, an experience people use it at a drop of a hat. In fact it has become more of a substitute to express liking of the mind, leading to attachment or aversion. But this is not what divine love is all about! It doesn’t bind or give rise to attachment or its counterpart aversion. It is beyond the comprehension of the mind, far beyond its realm. What it is, is an experience in itself! Watch this DVD presenting the insightful talk by Anandmurti Gurumaa that gives one the wings of freedom to soar higher and higher, that lends one the intoxicating taste of divine wine, that liberates one from all bondages to be one with the beloved within and without.