Meditation is not about doing something. Just being - Anandmurti Gurumaa
This question 'why meditate' is as good as asking "why eat". Is it necessary to eat every day? Why take medicine when we are unwell? Well, if we know the answers to these questions, then we know that meditation is as important as eating, drinking, and breathing. Understand that life is a boon, a blessing. And you learn to live only when you meditate.
So, in a way, meditation gives the right knowledge and the right training to tackle life adeptly. A blind man needs a stick to walk safely, but if we can cure his blindness then he can do without that stick. Most of us are metaphorically blind. The eyes of our mind are shut. We need to open our inner eyes – the eyes of our mind and then we'll be able to enjoy the every-flowing bliss of life. And then everything will become clear – meditation gives this pristine clarity to our life.
Meditation is a way of life. It is to be lived. We have a vast reservoir of energy in us, lying unused, untapped. Once we get in touch with this energy, our life changes from just being an ordinary to a divine one. Meditation is being in tune with our inner energy source. Life throws up many challenges and if we do not have the right tools to face these, then we end up failing miserably. The tools are patience and tolerance.
There are scores of people fighting mental problems – suicides are happening in large numbers. You cross the thin threshold and end up in a psychiatric ward. Remember that in this fast-
paced life, we have to live with competitions which are nerve-wrecking. Then there is the bombardment of advertisements on TV, newspapers, magazines and internet which puts a lot of pressure on our minds. This explosion of information creates a spate of desires. Anyway this is the century of exhibitionism – people earn to show off, vanity is on constant display. All this leads to immense pressure on the mind, resulting in a sense of insecurity and lack of trust. Relationships and families start breaking apart.

Meditation relieves you of all these pressures of artificial living. You begin to see the world with clarity and wisdom. When you see how fickle the world is and understand its impermanence, it opens up new avenues for you. The peace experienced during meditation works as a balm, soothing the mind. Remember, no one gives you pain – it is you who inflict pain upon your own self. Look at your own life – how you have lived and what mistakes you have made knowingly or unknowingly. Once you do, then it will become much easier for you to make the transition from living ignorantly to living consciously.
Meditation is being with our pure Self; being in command of all activities of the mind and senses as well as making the right choices. Meditation is not only an antidote to preexisting stress but is also a preventive measure against occurrence of stress and tensions. The tremendous transformation that meditation can bring in you can be attained only by delving into its expansive realm.

You can explore the vast array of guided meditation techniques designed and developed by Sadgurudev Anandmurti Gurumaa viz. dynamic meditation Urja that brings about catharsis which cleanses the inner recesses of the mind providing stress relief, peace and relaxation. Then another method is called Nishkriya Dhyana meaning passive meditation wherein you take a leap beyond the boundaries of the mind into the ocean of tranquility. Besides dynamic & passive meditation methods there are many more methods like Pranav based on the humming & powerful chanting of OM, Tratak to halt the unceasing restlessness of the mind, and Shwason Ka Vigyan comprising of the esoteric art & science of breathing, amongst many more. There are exhilarating Sufi meditations too called Zikr & HU. These are just a few from the exhaustive collection of meditation CD's.


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Meditation is not about doing something.
Just Being.