Gurbani: The Timeless Classic Work of Great Gurus Explained by Anandmurti Gurumaa

Gurbani means bani or the word of the Guru. It refers to the sacrosanct teachings imparted by the ten hallowed Sikh Gurus with the intention of dispelling the darkness of ignorance enveloping mankind. Initiated by the pioneering master, the revered Sri Guru Nanak Dev, each successive Guru added to the teachings which were then concluded by the tenth Guru, Sri Guru Gobind Singh.
Anandmurti Gurumaa has beautifully and thoroughly expounded upon the timeless work of great Gurus with utmost reverence, love and ardor. To the good fortune of aspirants, these invaluable pearls of wisdom are available in the form of audio CD's and DVD sets. There is an extensive range of discourses and shabads that comprehensively encompasses her lucid interpretation of the texts presented in an easy to understand language. The profound teachings are simplified and amply dotted with generic examples such that one and all can readily understand and relate to.
The Japji Sahib is a magnum opus composed by none other than the towering personality Sri Guru Nanak Dev. Anandmurti Gurumaa offers her tribute to the glorious master through her in-depth, sweepingly thorough presentation of this sterling gem, put forth in her lucid language, simplifying its profundity for the sake of the masses. The discourses are available in MP3 format and are a real treasure for a sincere seeker.
The Jaap Sahib is a monumental collection of hymns recited by Guru Gobind Singhji, the tenth Sikh Guru. It is one of the five Banis recited by most practicing Sikhs and is a set of 199 verses which are presented as rhymed couplets wherein the Guru sings the glory of the Lord and describes His various attributes in a beautiful, poetic language. The word 'jaap' refers to recitation of a mantra or a prayer or any divine invocation.

Sri Guru Gobind Singh had knowledge of number of languages and has thus very ably used Persian, Arabic, Braj, Awadhi, Punjabi and Sanskrit in his creation of Jaap Sahib.
Jaap Sahib begins with the moolmantra. Herein, Anandmurti Gurumaa explains the essence of this mantra and furthermore, interestingly, she explains that the original moolmantra, the essential nature of the Lord is only one word: Ik Omkaar. That is it. The rest of the words coming after this in the moolmantra, as she explains, are nothing but a series of words defining the attributes of the Lord.
For example, take the word 'karta purukh' in the moolmantra. This means creator of the world. But what of the time when there was no shrishti, when the world did not exist? Likewise, the word 'Nirbhay' means one who is not afraid. But who will the almighty be afraid of? It is God who has created this world, who has created Maya. So, why will He be afraid of His own creation? Hence, Gurumaa states that the moolmantra can only be one akshar, one word and that is 'Ik Omkaar'.
The words in the timeless works of great masters are pregnant with classic wisdom which is not readily picked up by ordinary minds. And herein lies the beauty of these expositions by Anandmurti Gurumaa. There are a series of discourses explicating the hallowed scriptures in utmost detail and depth viz. Salok Mahalla Novan, Ananda Sahib, Chaupai Sahib, Sukhmani Sahib, Rehras Sahib. And scores of shabad kirtans to include Waheguru jaap, Guru Meri Pooja, Chamkan Taare, Saanwal Saanwal to name but a few! All these and more are readily available on the website as audio or video albums. Additionally, Rehras Sahib is also available in a book format, presented in Punjabi language. But no matter where one starts, which album one picks, the beauty, the depth of profound wisdom speaks for itself.


On Gurbani


On Gurbani

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Sacred banis of the Gurus dispelling the darkness of ignorance