New Age Seer Inc. (NASI)

Contribute For Maintenance, Development & Activities of Rishi Chaitanya Ashram

New Age Seer Inc. (NASI), founded by Anandmurti Gurumaa in USA, is a non-profit organisation dedicated to catalysing individual growth and global harmony. At the core of NASI is to enable one and all discover inner peace, live a healthy stress-free life and realise fullest potential through various programs hosted in major metropolitan areas around the United States. These programs include workshops, retreats, talks and more with the aim to inspire healthy & conscious living amongst the participants.

Besides endeavouring towards its aim, NASI has also been instrumental in supporting education of numerous underprivileged girls adopted by Shakti, an initiative to educate and empower the girl child. And in its noble pursuit to empower these girls NASI has been hosting quite a many activities round the year, so that maximum support can be extended to help these girls become self-reliant and independent. Contribution for the education of a girl child for year amounts to USD 150, for three years it is USD 600 and for ten years it is USD 1200.

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You are most welcome to join hands with NASI and support its activities.