Youth Retreat

a perfect time to give direction to life

Meditation, Celebration, Exploration Mark Youth Empowerment Retreat: Glimpses of Youth Experiencing Inner Joy And Peace

enriching & empowering youth

innovative yoga, engaging workshops,
dynamic meditation & a lot more...

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Full of dynamism, vibrancy and versatility, Summer Youth Retreat with Anandmurti Gurumaa is a unique program fostering the all-round balanced development of youth. It aims to provide a strong, healthy and wise foundation to the lives of the participants, leading to ever-growing and joyful personalities. It includes a vast array of activities from yoga to meditation, goal setting to career counselling, stress busting techniques to enhancing concentration, restoring and developing creative genius to relaxation techniques, so as to empower youth with healthy body and balanced mind.

Interactive Sessions

confusions to clarity

Asking questions, seeking clarifications from the master is what dispels confusion & shows the right path. These sessions go a long way in developing the sense of discrimination and making wise decisions.

Words of Wisdom For Youth Empowerment

Engaging Workshops

science to creativity

There are a host of workshops held during the retreat so as to give a practical exposure and experience to the participants. These workshops entail astrology, vedic maths, creative arts viz. music, dance and much more.

Creative Workshops For Personality Development


fragmented to integrated

Meditation sessions with the master offer youngsters an opportunity to learn and explore the various methods of meditation, whereby their concentration is enhanced, memory gets sharper and potential gets unleashed.

Youth Meditation relieves stress, channelises energy, unleashes potential

Innovative Yoga

postures to poise

These sessions entail specially designed series of yoga asanas & pranayama for youngsters, as this is a wonderful time to learn this art form of yoga for wellbeing of body & mind. 

Innovative Yoga for Youth