Yoga & Pranayama

right posture. right poise. right breathing.

Body & mind are the tools, yoga asanas & pranayama are the ways, and yoga retreat is a perfect time to learn and practice the yogic way of life. It encompasses in-depth sessions on asanas, pranayama and the functioning of body & mind. It aims to prepare the body & mind for deeper spiritual practices.

Mastering the body & mind through yoga. Moving From Outward Posture to Inward Serenity

Yoga Asanas

Aiming for perfection in every asana

postures and their nuances

You get to learn the systematically designed series of yoga asanas best suitable for your endurance & flexibility levels. That helps you to explore and expand the limits of your body & mind.

Pranayama Sessions

Pranayama Practice for Internalisation of Mind

process & practice

You get to learn the right way of practicing pranayama techniques along with a discerning insight into its process. Know this for sure that it is not about breathing exercises as commonly believed.

Science of Asana & Pranayama

Insights into alignment, precision, poise

scientific insight plus Q&A's

These sessions offer the scientific insight into the impact of asana & pranayama. They bring clarity about the relevance of dedicatedly pursuing asana & pranayama, its connection with spiritual evolution and its incredulous benefits besides Q&A’s.