21-Day Silent Retreat

experiencing solitude

Descend into the depths of inner silence with 21-day silent retreat under guidance of mystic master Anandmurti Gurumaa

Silence of word is not the silence that is needed to silent the mind. It needs the spirit of courage and keen observance to encounter the turbulence of mind so as to descend into the depths of silence. If the constant chatter of the mind doesn’t stop then know that you haven’t tasted the peace of silence yet. Initially when one begins with the silence of word, it is only then that one becomes aware of the madhouse of mind. It is not that this chaos has arisen from somewhere but rather has always been present, just that one never pays attention to it. And observing this chaos is no child’s play. This is the prime reason that before enrolling for the silent retreat the right preparation under the guidance of the master is a must.

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