Rishikesh Retreat

awaken to your true self...

Intensive Meditation Retreat amidst mystical surroundings of Rishikesh, a sacred place highly charged with the divine vibrations of innumerable sages, mystics and masters

A seeker aspires to learn, explore and evolve so as to ultimately realise the real purpose of his life. On one hand this retreat quenches the thirst of a seeker, whereas at the same time it kindles his aspiration to seek. Quest of a seeker, illuminating guidance of a gracious master, adventurous exploration of the inner world, all amidst the mystical surroundings of Rishikesh - such is the ambiance of Intensive meditation retreat held in this sacred place highly charged with the divine vibrations of innumerable sages, mystics and masters. All of this greatly facilitates the seeker, further intensifying his practices, in his spiritual pursuit to awaken to his true self.

Profound Talks

enlightening talks dispelling darkness

When master unravels the mysteries of the inner world and guides the seeker to delve within, the underlying treasure of peace & bliss emerges to give a glimpse of ineffable. These talk sessions are an integral part of this retreat.
Wisdom-filled Discourses by Anandmurti Gurumaa are an integral part of Rishikesh Meditation Retreat

Intensive Meditation

at the foothills of Himalayas

Intensive. Invigorating. Awe-inspiring. Such are these meditation sessions with Sadgurudev in the elevating & charged ambiance of Rishikesh. They entail powerful methods leading seekers to tranquillity & serenity within. It is truly an unparalleled experience beyond expression. 
Experience meditation in the illuminating presence of the master at the foothills of Himalayas

Spl. Arrangement for Overseas Seekers

from arrival to departure

Those who live abroad can avail of special travel & stay arrangements made to facilitate Foreigners' participation in this retreat. Details will be made available here when the retreat is scheduled and registrations are on-going.
Facilitating participants from around the world to be part of Rishikesh Retreat