Ananda Utsav

where life is a blissful celebration

Meditation & Celebration at Ananda Utsav Retreat with the mystic master Anandmurti Gurumaa

Ananda Utsav as it is called is not just a retreat but a grand celebration with the master – a celebration of knowing, transcending and evolving. It encapsulates the practical ways to make body disease-free, keep mind stress-free and illumine intellect with higher wisdom. All this is imperative to prepare one's body, mind and intellect for advanced practices on the path. This is a non-residential three-day retreat with the master. It is a unique retreat which is held outside the premises of Ashram at different places around the world. 

Exploring the intricate body-mind connection

Disease-free Body & Stress-free Mind

uprooting afflictions of body & mind

Body is the gross form of mind and mind is the subtle form of body. So what goes inside the mind is bound to affect the body as well. That is why agitated and stressed out mind afflicts the body too. This retreat addresses the root-cause of the afflictions of body & mind and offers pragmatic methods to uproot them. So that your body becomes disease-free and mind stress-free. 

Illumined Intellect

Let the intellect blossom with higher wisdom

nurturing the flower of wisdom

Mind is subtle than the body. Intellect is subtler than the mind. While this retreat addresses the health of body and equanimity of mind, it also works upon refining the intellect so as to make it capable of receiving the knowledge. As it is only in a refined intellect that the seeds of knowledge bloom into the radiant flowers of wisdom.