Yaari Sahib

Set of 3 DVDs (19 Hours of Talks)

This album venerates, honours and celebrates the life and teachings of Yaar Mohammed Sahib, an unknown, unsung eighteenth century mystic who attained exalted heights of wisdom and devotion. Such was the depth of his profound friendship and deep love for his revered master, Beeru Sahib that this very love elevated and transformed him. And the fragrance of his inner blossoming earned him a beautiful name ‘Yaari Sahib’ meaning ‘friend of the Lord’. In this unique compilation, beloved master Anandmurti Gurumaa lovingly shares the divine intoxication which this great mystic embodied. The essence of Yaari Sahib’s unique communion with the Lord comes alive as Gurumaa unravels his precious yet cryptic verses. They encapsulate not only the intense yearning and anguished longing of the lover surrendering his life for the beloved, they also exemplify the carefree zest of a fakir. His words resonate with sweetness, yet at the same time hit hard, deep and sharp to awaken the slumbering seeker. They conceal more than they reveal, impelling one to lovingly pray, connect with the Lord and eradicate the ignorance of eons so as to enter that sacred space within which is ever- illumined, ever-blissful and incomparably beautiful.