Divine Embrace
Kanchman Babbar on Ney
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It stirs the strings of heart with its intoxicating spell of divine nectar. Such is this resounding track featuring the mesmerising music of Ney, the Sufi’s flute, symbolising love, devotion, emptiness. It is an ecstatic invocation to the divine, a compelling invitation to explore the mysteries of the heart, a call to empty the mind of all worldly debris and be consumed by pure love & deep longing. It takes one to the space within where lies the ultimate treasure beyond description. For music encompasses that which cannot be defined or confined in words and envelops the listener in its entrancing spell. Listen to it relinquishing your mundane engagements, integrate your mind and move into the depths of inner stillness with this heart-melting rendition. Experience what it means to be empty, hollow like a Ney, to let the divine music flow through you…
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