Japji Sahib


Sri Japji Sahib, the eternal bani composed by Sri Guru Nanak Dev Maharaj, marks the beginning of the timeless classic work of great Gurus, the Sri Guru Granth Sahib. Sri Guru Nanak Dev’s exemplary life and enlightening teachings are much beyond words and their essence can only be imbibed from a realised master. Else one deciphers the literal meanings of the words alone and more often than not, remains deluded owing to one's limited understanding. It is to dispel the ignorance and illuminate the lives of one and all that Anandmurti Swami Gurupreeti Hari has expounded upon the blissful bani of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Maharaj. These in-depth expositions are compiled in the form of book (Punjabi), however it is not a mere book but a sacred treasure trove that holds within itself great source of wisdom to guide on the path to ultimate liberation from the bondage of ignorance. It is not a mere interpretation but an experiential unravelling of these sacred verses. As you read the hymns and their enlightening explanations, immerse yourself in these heart-felt words and reflect deeply to let their fragrance permeate your life.