Iko Yaar Nu Sajda

anandmurti gurumaa




USD 1.29

Iko Yaar Nu Sajda

an ecstatic journey of pure love

Intoxicating, soothing, sublime is the experience that dawns upon as the track begins, gliding one onto the ecstatic journey of pure love. Love not in the worldly sense but beyond the realms of the mind. Love that stirs the strings of heart. Love that melts. For only then it has the fragrance of divinity that wafts devotion and surrender. Iko Yaar Nu Sajda is a captivating amalgam of enrapturing music, soul-stirring rendition and mesmerising lyrics, wherein the beauty of revering the beloved is so beautifully expressed. And such is the intensity of this love that it puts an end to all the outside wandering, be it even to the places of worship. Let the rendition melt your heart, evoke reverence and fill you with love and devotion for the master.

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