Sadhana Path: The Seeker's Companion

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A seeker goes in the refuge of the master with a prayer in his heart, “I wish to pursue the path of spirituality. Please guide me and help me in this journey.” The compassionate master initiates the seeker and gives him a discipline for conscious evolution. It is only when the seeker follows the discipline that makes him a disciple, and thus begins the journey with the master. At times more than often the initial enthusiasm soon gets eclipsed with the rush of life, priorities change without notice, the mundane activities take over the life, and one tends to forget the ultimate aim.
How many times does this happen that you resolve to devote time for your spiritual practices and then mind weaves a web of excuses for not doing it? Days turn into weeks, months, years, and the opportunity to wake up from the deep slumber of ignorance passes away. But not any more. For now you can monitor your spiritual practice by maintaining your sadhana diary. It is not just a diary, but your accountability to your own growth.
Each page begins with a quote from the master for your contemplation. Let it permeate your thoughts and seep into your mind to bring a change in your life. Then there is a timetable to record time devoted for practices done during the week. Both the junctions, starting time and ending time, need to be mentioned. Six practices listed are as follows - asana, pranayama, mantra, shravan (awareful listening to the discourses), yog nidra, dhyana. At the end of each page is space to write experiences.
It is akin to your report card but you mark it yourself. The format of this report card is conceptualised and created by Sadgurudev Anandmurti Gurumaa so as to make it an essential tool for our awakening. It is mandatory for all those who wish to pursue the path. And know this for sure, master can ask for it anytime, so don’t forget to keep it handy with you.