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Shakti Karuna in Beed, Maharashtra May 19, 2017

Because You Cared…

Thanks to your generous contributions, together we could answer the heart wrenching call from our farmer brethren of District Beed, Maharashtra. It is most unfortunate that we lost many hands who grew grains to feed us all; moreover, life does not stop throwing challenges for their families but together we pledged to help them stand up again and ease their way to empowerment. And we have done it once again…
Shakti Karuna, Anandmurti Gurumaa’s initiative to support the families of our farmer brethren in Beed, central Maharashtra, is going full steam ahead.
Under this initiative, our team of volunteers surveyed the entire affected region and found that District Beed was one of the worst affected, where farmer suicide statistics were very high and their families were impoverished. Directly interacting with the families, we ascertained the kind of aid that was most necessary to rehabilitate and empower them.

Rehabilitation Program - Restoring lives

56 families of suicide victims have been rehabilitated, which includes 52 widows and their families, 3 families where the wives of the farmers too committed suicide and 1 family where the parents of the suicide victim are elderly and their only son committed suicide.

Supporting infrastructure of government schools

New school building coming up

The roof of Zilla Parishad Govt. School, Beed was irreparably damaged during a storm four months back and left with no viable option, the children had to study outdoors under the hot sun. Under the initiative, a new school building is under construction. Bore wells for water supply are being constructed. The villagers too have joined hands with the Shakti Karuna team and have volunteered to get the electrical connections functional so that students can learn in a proper environment, with adequate facilities.

Modernising a school

Pimpalner High school with student strength of 962 and recognition till 10th standard has been adopted. Under the aegis of the Program, the school facilities are being refurbished and modernised.
•  A full-fledged science laboratory is under construction, complete with lab equipment.
•  The school library is being provided with new books, bookshelves and benches.
•  RO plant for clean and hygienic drinking water will be installed.
•  150 new benches will be contributed for the senior classes.

Introducing e-learning in 15 schools

15 schools in District Beed are being equipped with facilities for e-learning so that education in these schools is at par with any other urban school. This includes eight Marathi - medium schools offering education up to 5th standard, five Marathi-English medium schools offering education up to 8th standard, one Marathi-medium school offering education upto 10th standard , and one Urdu medium school. The facilities are as follows:
•  Software that is specifically designed as per the school syllabus will be installed to serve the purpose.
•  Android-based projectors, inverters and batteries are also being provided.

Teacher training program for e-learning

A training program was arranged for 15 schools to familiarise teachers who are new to e-learning technology. It was indeed encouraging that teachers from surrounding schools as well as officials of the Zilla Parishad, Beed District , also participated and showed great enthusiasm and keen interest in learning and updating themselves so that they too can implement these methods of learning.

“Let’s cycle to school!!”

31 young girls of Nagapur village, Beed, have a good reason to smile! For no longer do they have to trudge 14 kms daily to and from school. Now they can just zoom to school on their brand new cycles, gifted to them by Shakti Karuna!

So, heartfelt thanks and hearty congratulations to all our patrons and volunteers who made it possible for farmers’ families to live with dignity, holding their heads up again.