This Navratri

Let’s not just worship & sing the glory
Let’s educate & empower the epitome of feminine energy

1000 under-privileged girls to be educated this year

Give them your support
Show them you care

We salute
the power, the grit, the beauty, the creativity inherent in every woman.

Shakti's Navratri Celebration

On Navratri we worship Goddess Durga over nine days with fasting, devotion, prayer and invocation to usher in fresh thought, new vision and noble aspirations. This time we invite you to celebrate it in a unique way. Let’s come together to celebrate feminine energy by educating and empowering Shakti girls.

Shakti's Journey since 1999

Spearheaded by Sadgurudev Anandmurti Gurumaa, since its inception in 1999, Shakti has educated over 6000 girls through Academic Scholarships, equipped over 5000 girls through Computer Education Awareness Program, empowered over 11, 500 girls through its institutes, Shakti Udaan, and the journey continues. This year Shakti aims to support education of 1000 under-privileged girls. Let's make it happen this Navratri.

Shakti's Driving Force

Sadgurudev Anandmurti Gurumaa is the inspiration, the founder, the driving force of Shakti. And it is the passion to educate, empower and encourage girls that runs through all endeavours of this life-changing mission, which continues to reach out to more and more girls every year.