Wisdom To Manage Sense Organs
If someone in a family wants to pursue the spiritual path, such a person is often ridiculed by others, as he is in the minority. If a guest comes to your house and you suggest that everyone should do group meditation, the guest will say – have you gone mad? Let us eat and drink, what is all this nonsense about meditation! If you want to pursue the spiritual path, then you should avoid being with lustful people. On the contrary, you play a double game. When you are there with your relatives, you change. You participate in lewd and bawdy talk. And if the master were to walk into such a gathering, you will promptly change your colour like a chameleon.
A person devoid of spiritual practise cannot have an evolved intellect. Such an individual also lacks genuine devotion and even his sentiments are impure. Moreover, such an individual will lack peace and the one who does not have peace, how will he be happy? This means that happiness is not in objects, happiness is in peace, and only the one with a purified and superior intellect will have peace.
Who will have a superior intellect? The one who has no craving or aversion. Who will have no craving or aversion? The one who has no desires, no attachment. And who will be free from attachment? The one whose mind is free from contemplating the material world.
Just as the storm arising in the sea, wrecks the boat which gets trapped in it, likewise the boat of your mind and intellect that is drifting in the sea of this world is wrecked by the storm of desires arising in your mind. Our sense organs cannot function in the absence of the mind. For example, if a man is in deep sleep and you bring a very beautiful woman in front of him, will he have any sexual desire then?
We have ten sense organs and if the storm of desire arises even in one sense organ, it will lead to your destruction. When your mind goes out to the sense objects through your sense organs, then these sense organs are enough to drown you and destroy your intellect.
Some boys were riding their motorcycles when they saw a beautiful girl walking on the road. They started to follow the girl and kept on following her until she reached her house. When the girl entered her house, one of the boys said, “Where were we going anyway?” Then they realised that they were supposed to attend their coaching class and now they would get a thrashing for having missed the class!
That is why Lord Krishna says to Arjuna, “O Arjuna! Keep your sense organs in your control, so that your intellect remains stable and still.” The sense organs cannot function without the mind. And only the intellect can control the dishonest mind, the mind that cheats, as the intellect knows what is right and what is wrong.
Your sense organs show you an object and greed arises in your mind. Now if you were to utilise your intellect, you will be saved from drowning. The mind creates thoughts and counter-thoughts, resulting in craving and aversion, which eventually leads to arising of desires in the mind, wanting something or the other. If you use your intellect, then you will have the wisdom to know that it is just a wave arising in the mind and you will stay calm.
Once a very beautiful woman went to meet a fakir. The fakir kept staring at the woman and this made her very uncomfortable. She wondered why he was staring at her. She could not help but ask him, “Why are you looking at me like that? What an inappropriate behaviour!” The fakir replied, “Dear lady! Please do forgive me if I have offended you.
However, I wasn’t staring at you. I was admiring the creator of this beautiful body, admiring his piece of work, his creativity.” The fakir’s eyes were watching the woman's body, but there was no sexual desire arising in his mind. This means that there is nothing wrong in observing the world, but there should be no desires arising in the mind. Let me clarify here - some of you with impure minds may interpret this story and think that Gurumaa is saying go ahead and ogle at girls. But then you also need to remember that no desires should arise in your mind. When you get sexually excited by watching someone else’s body without permission, then it is nothing but a disease. But if you are married, in love and devoted to your partner, then a sexual desire arising in your mind is not inappropriate. In fact, if you utilise your intellect then your better-half can help you emerge out of sexual urges.
Tantra describes some practices for men and women, which are to be done at the time of their sexual intimacy. If the husband and wife are devoted to each other and are in love, then by being aware of their breath and focusing their eye pupils to the point between the eyebrows, which is the agya chakra - even if they were to sit naked together - sexual desire will not arise.
Furthermore, if along with this they have the ability to perform the moola bandha, and the man sits in siddhasana observing his breath and focusing on the agya chakra - there is no possibility of arising of any sexual urge or desire. Instead, it will appear as if the entire body has become numb. Where is the question of any sexual desire then?