Shakti Rendezvous 2011
Everybody knows that Shakti offers scholarships to the girls to complete their education. But nobody knows that it is an expression of love & blessings by Gurumaa for the girls which reaches them in the form of this help. It is much more than we can think of! Yes, when all the girls gathered to meet Gurumaa on 25th Oct in Rishi Chaitanya Ashram, along with their mothers, they were being grateful for the support they are getting from Shakti. As they expressed their thanks, Gurumaa lovingly made them understand that the mother is not be thanked for the love and care she showers on the children. On the occasion, Gurumaa inspired and encouraged the girls to have clarity about their aims, to excel in life. She quoted the example of Rani of Jhansi who since the very young age of nine was aware of her mission to eliminate the british colonisers from the land of India. Along with this, Gurumaa also shared with them the secret to realise their dreams i.e. first to have the clarity of the aim, then to work hard to achieve it and also to keep oneself reminding the aim every day. This gave a lot of motivation to girls. Gurumaa also exhorted them to do five times chanting of Gayatri Mantra every day as that will empower them to live life with confidence.
As the girls expressed their ambition to become a doctor or a professional in a certain field, Gurumaa assured them that Shakti would support their education up to the level they want to study. All girls were in tears of joy. Gurumaa also said that Shakti has pledged to support the complete education of five girls who want to become doctors. Among the present girls, two want to become doctors, so now three more can come under the fold. For the ones who want to do Nursing courses, there is already an institute – Guru Tegh Bahadur Institute of Nursing Education, where Shakti can get the girls enrolled and educated.
Gurumaa also shared the plan of Shakti to open a residential vocational training institute where the girls can undergo the certified professional courses to be equipped with the desired qualification. Since it is a long term project, it would need a lot of infrastructure and set-up to become functional. So all this will certainly need time, she said.
Girls were introduced to Shakti Udaan, the institute which is providing certified vocational training courses to the needy girls in Kaithal, at no charge. Courses vary from computer science to sewing among other choices. The sole aim is to empower them to be able to become self-reliant.
Speaking to the mothers, Gurumaa made them realise that woman is all-powerful and not at all weaker than man. She is the creator, she nourishes, and she has the power to handle every situation on her own. She said, “In case you are faced with any adverse situation in which you have lost your husband or son, there is no need to despair and loose heart, but be bold and strong to move on. Indian society gives differential treatment for the widow women though, but that is the sad conditioning since ages. Don’t ever feel that you are alone, and realise that God is always with you.”
The meeting ended in a very celebrative way, as all the girls were graced with the tilak and received a Diwali gift from Gurumaa. The entire ambience was permeated with love and greetings as the music of Suno Suno (the track of the upcoming Shakti album by Gurumaa) was being played in the background. It is one of the many impactful endeavours to spread the word about the cause and bring a change.