How She Raised Funds Against All Odds
Spreading awareness about the cause and raising funds is really a task which needs efforts and zeal to move on. It gives us great pleasure to feature the journey of Nim Karai, a Shakti Torchbearer who turned every obstacle into a stepping stone so as to create awareness and raise funds for educating girls. She shares her story with us.
“The article Stri Shakti in Rishi Amrit magazine inspired me to participate in the activities of Shakti and take an initiative to further the cause. After reading the article I felt that women of our society need to wake up and understand their capabilities. My first approach was to translate this article in both English and Gujarati to get it published in my home community magazine, to begin with. I prepared the articles. Unfortunately it didn’t get very far as the main committee members, both men and women, were not strong enough to project their views adequately. I provided all materials (translated articles, brochures and books) to give them full benefit and understanding of Stri Shakti and Shakti project. But I guessed they missed the whole plot when I was told that this does not happen in this country and it is not our concern and that I should take this project to the India home community. I was utterly shocked. I kept on trying to get the articles published but that too failed after two years. However one community gave me an opportunity to distribute Shakti books at one of their youth festival programme and managed to raise about £100. Also, Shakti books were distributed in a Gujarati School run by this community.
Since then 500 books of Shakti have been distributed through various shops in U.K and £2000 have been raised for education of girls under Shakti project. It is indeed a golden opportunity to be a medium for such a noble cause.”
--Nim Kerai (UK)