Shakti Rendezvous 2014: Shakti Girls Meet Master
They came with their hearts filled with love and gratitude, expressed their overwhelming feelings, and went back with all the more love and blessings from the beloved master, who told them ‘there is nothing more precious than love and everything else just fades in front of it.’ Such was the unforgettable meeting of Shakti girls with the revered master Anandmurti Gurumaa this year. Having gathered from all corners of the country viz. Bihar, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Himachal Pardesh, Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, these girls made their way to Rishi Chaitanya Ashram on the auspicious occasion of Dusshera (3rd October 2014) with the earnest desire to meet their benefactor who has been supporting them to rise and shine in life. For most of them it was their first chance to be in this divine ambiance, the joy of which was so very evidently sparkling in their eyes…
It began with the heartening short documentary on Shakti Udaan, the vocational training institutes of Shakti where underprivileged girls are trained with the professional skills to enable them live a dignified life. The interview of Shakti Udaan girls was so uplifting that it created a wave of inspiration amongst all. They shared how Shakti Udaan has helped them walk with head held high, become self-reliant and live with pride. The courses offered in these institutes include stitching, embroidery, mehndi, beautician and computers. Its first flagship institute was established in 2008 at Kaithal and Shakti centers are now also functional in Gurgaon and Mumbai as well. So far over 10,000 girls have been trained through Shakti Udaan institutes.
During the meeting, where on one side the inspiring words of Anandmurti Gurumaa pepped them up the girls with confidence, motivation and passion to unleash their potential, their own poignant expressions of gratitude touched everyone present. No matter how often did the master mention that they shouldn’t thank her for they are part of her, but the girls couldn’t restrain themselves from sharing their sentiments. Through a powerful, intensely thought-provoking poem, one of the girls vociferously expressed the challenges faced by women in a male-dominated society. In fact it became a chain reaction wherein one after the other, from youngest to the eldest, everyone wanted to come on the mike and tell the master how very grateful they are for the help from Shakti.
On the occasion revered master gave them the key to combat fear by tapping into their innate divine nature and knowing that they are special, unique and above all, to always remember that they are the beloved children of the Lord. She also made them realise the significance of education in life which doesn’t only give financial independence but also expands the horizons and catalyses over-all growth of the individual.
These girls are daughters of handicapped parents, widows, divorcee mothers as well as with a certain percentage from the economically poor strata. Shakti’s support means a lot for them – it is their hope, their future, indeed their very life. Their blossoming faces, shining eyes full of hope and last but not least the palpable, tangible energy in the hall, the grace of the master, were a vibrant reminder to one and all to thank the Lord for the ample blessings being showered. All in all, for the Shakti girls, this inspiring, heartfelt encounter with the master was an opportunity to remind themselves of their commitment to strive for excellence, to dream big, to aim for the stars and to know that the very personification of Shakti, Anandmurti Gurumaa, is always there to support and encourage them, every step of the way...
Shakti thanks all its patrons for their overwhelming support and their unflinching commitment to the cause of empowering underpriviledged girls through education.