Purging Mind Of Negativity
One tends to become biased when it comes to scrutinising one’s own mind. Accordingly, anything, any attribute that leads to further strengthening the ego is all one wants to cultivate. And simply ignore the existence of anything that doesn’t please or give a reason to swell with pride. No one is ready to accept the presence of anger or envy in themselves. Most people say, “Normally I am not an angry person but what can I do when other people provoke me?” More often than not, one will blame the circumstances and other individuals for his or her anger and envy. But if you blame others and don’t take the responsibility for your own anger then how can you be labelled a human being? A man is responsible for all his actions and no one can get away from this fact. Ask yourself – are you greedy, do you have envy in your mind? Someone may justify, “I don’t think I am an envious person, but isn’t it natural for me to get angry when someone else climbs on my back to achieve success?” Well, you can hide your mind from yourself, you can be blissfully oblivious of the negativities harboured in your mind – be it jealousy, envy, anger, lust, greed, egotism. You can evade and run away from your own mind. However, the one you can never deceive is the Lord who resides within you, for how can there be any veil from Lord who resides right within? Guru Nanak Dev in one of his odes says, “O Lord, I am soiled and it is you who makes me pure. I am the sinner and you are ever absolving. I err and you forgive. I am ignorant and you are infinitely knowledgeable.” It is worth noting that someone of the calibre of Guru Nanak Dev had said this – the one who lived a spotlessly pure life, not even a speck of blemish anywhere. He made this statement so as to motivate people to introspect and be aware of the filth lying in their own minds. But alas, people are usually concerned only about maintaining their public image, putting all effort in hiding their shortcomings and weaknesses from scrutiny. So, no matter how bad one is inside, all efforts are made to hide this from other people; even if one steals or cheats, he wants society to regard him as a nobleman. A liar will not have any qualms about cheating others but will nevertheless want the world to regard him as the epitome of honesty!
One steals but doesn’t want to be known as a thief; one lies but doesn’t want to be known as a liar; one is arrogant but doesn’t want to be known as an egotist. And eventually, one gets so used to deceiving others that soon one starts deceiving one’s own self and completely denies the existence of any negativity in the mind. Thus, people actually start believing that they are best behaved, noble, compassionate and what not.  If you really want to evolve, then you need to know the functioning of your mind and come out of all negativities and weaknesses. You need to get acquainted with your own mind. So, introspect and accept whatever mental impurities you come across. Observing silence is an important aid to becoming aware of the mind. However, do note that silence does not mean talking in hushed voices or whispering! Use your time to introspect and see what all is lurking in your mind. Observe all the negativities you encounter. And if while introspecting, you recollect any previous incident of your life where you have erred or come across any negative emotion or behaviour then please do not condemn yourself. Just acknowledge its presence. If you don’t accept the presence of negativities in your mind, how can you eradicate them? Acceptance without condemnation is the beginning.