Milestone Achievement of Shakti Udaan
They were overjoyed and thrilled. Their eyes were reflecting their bright future. Their words were ringing with deep gratitude. Their love for the master knew no bounds. These are the girls of Shakti Udaan who were excitedly awaiting the inauguration of their centre’s new building at Kaithal by the auspicious hands of Anandmurti Gurumaa. As the revered master inaugurated the centre and lighted the lamp, it was as if the lives of these girls got brightened with the dawn of talent and training. All of them applauded with zeal and zest welcoming the master who is their inspiration, their confidence, their hope and their guiding source.
marked the milestone achievement for Shakti Udaan which began with just 30 girls and has grown over a period of four years to a family of 325 girls. Where do these girls come from? They are from such families where far from education, mere survival is a big question. In some cases the girls are married off at a young age and their husbands are missing, so they are left to struggle endlessly. But Shakti is enabling them to equip themselves with vocational skills whereby they can earn a decent living for themselves and support their families too. They don’t need to endure any discrimination, or depend on anyone, or feel helpless - rather they can live with dignity and pride.
In the rendezvous with these girls, the master emphatically shared with them the great importance of education and how it brings about financial, emotional and mental independence. And every girl must acquire this independence before thinking about marriage. Her encouraging words instilled immense enthusiasm in these girls to become an idealistic example for the entire nation so that every girl comes to know that she is not weak. She is Shakti, power personified.
Condemning the abhorrent practice of female foeticide, Gurumaa quoted that education and empowerment are the tools through which this menace can be eradicated. In her own words, “When women get empowered the entire society, the nation and in turn the whole world benefits. It will inevitably lead to a more tolerant, peaceful environment giving a better start to the generations to come.”
Giving a new dimension to Shakti Udaan, Gurumaa inspired all the girls to become self-reliant and make the centre self-sufficient by launching the in-house merchandise. This would open up a whole new world of opportunities for these girls who can then unleash their potential optimally. It is indeed a matter of pride that even currently the centre is being run without any private or government aid, and with the introduction of its own branded merchandise, it will further get the wings of freedom to grow and expand.
Let’s celebrate this commendable achievement of Shakti Udaan…