Reaching Out To Girls
Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Shakti willed to empower more girls and found the way to reach them through advertisements and visits to schools in remote areas. In the endeavour to reach out to girls in need, first came advertisements in national newspapers, followed by visits to schools in the interiors of Gannaur, Sonepat and Panipat. The epidemic of female foeticide is most prevalent in Haryana, so these zones were selected as the roots must be uprooted first. Schools were specifically chosen keeping in mind the need to identify under-privileged girls who are not able to afford education due to lack of funds.
This visit was not merely to extend support to the girls; it was a power-packed meeting with the girls themselves to make them realise their potential and understand the significance of becoming self-reliant. The key highlight of these visits was the special letter penned by the beloved master Anandmurti Gurumaa especially to motivate these girls to arise and shine in life.
It has usually been observed that girls are taught by their parents that they are weak and the sole aim of their life is to get married. Well, in this age-old deeply rooted conditioning of male chauvinism, guidance from a mystic master - herself a true embodiment of Shakti - is no less than the tremendous inspiration to outgrow false doctrines and move on in life.
It was encouraging to note the increasing confidence and enthusiasm of the girls as they read out the message from Gurumaa. They not only pledged to complete their education but also pledged to make themselves skilled in one of the vocational training courses so that they could become financially independent.
Last month, Team Shakti from Rishi Chaitanya Ashram visited ten schools, reaching out to more than 2,000 girls. Each visit unveiled a new story. Many girls came forward to seek support from Shakti. Most of them were daughters of destitute mothers, stranded either because of the demise of the husband or challenging adversities in life. Brave mothers indeed, for struggling against odds to ensure that their daughters can learn and grow.
Each visit was a promise to all girls in need that Shakti would support their education. It was an invitation from Shakti to move forward in life with dignity and pride, and an affirmation of the strength and power that feminine energy represents.