Key to Sound Relationships
Mind is a subtle form of matter and body is a gross form of mind. Mind and matter are not different from one another. They are intricately inter-connected. When posed with the question ‘Who are you?’ the most common answer is to do with body & mind because that is what a person perceives to be his identity. But in reality this very identification obscures the realisation of your true self i.e. who you truly are. And when you don’t know yourself, how can you have a sound relationship with anyone else? This is what gives rise to the conflicts and disputes. The journey of knowing yourself begins with keen introspection, coming face to face with oneself, and becoming grounded.
Man hides his own emotional needs, desires, and weaknesses from his own self. Only if he could acknowledge his fallacies and begin to work with wisdom, he wouldn’t be throwing dirt on others. When you are angry, then whosoever is in front of you will be in the line of your fire. You’ll shoot him with the bullets of anger, frustrations and hatred. The other person will obviously be baffled. Before you yell in desperation that no one understands you, the question arises: “Do you understand yourself?” Man is so blinded that he never registers his own emotional baggage which he is always carrying with him.
The fact of the matter is that a tree which is firm in its roots can withstand winds and floods. The tree which is weak in its roots can be easily uprooted even by frail jolt. You can’t be a better husband, mother, friend, wife, brother, business partner to any one if you aren’t rooted in self. Every relationship is different from the other but most of the time basic problems are the same. I am a pauper, the other is a pauper, but we wish to be rich by joining together. We all wish that the other should fulfill you, but the question is that can anyone really do it. Everyone in society is moving around with empty bowls, and everyone wants to be rich.
Know this as the truth: no one can make you rich, no one can fulfill you, and no one can give meaning to your life. The fact remains that no one but You can do this for yourself. So stop hankering for appreciation from others. Learn to explore your inner core, your untapped energy source and rejoice in it. Love yourself, respect yourself and everyone will send the same vibes to you. Unbelievable, but true! This is called the Law of Attraction. What you think will begin to happen to you, whatever you ask for is given to you. If you will keep on thinking no one loves you or cares for you, or needs you, it will surely begin to happen. So, even if you don’t have a single person who loves you, don’t worry. Stand in front of the mirror, look at yourself, and see that you have your own divine self. You are divine – touch your face, feel your body – inhale deeply and see the spark in your eyes.
Thank this body, breath and life. Give thanks for every little joy which life brings to you, and smile. And smile like you have never smiled before and move into deeper recesses of your heart to find yourself. The search for yourself will bring you joy and love.
Soak yourself in the goodness of this moment and let every day begin and end with it. Soon you will love this new way of living and glow. Yes! The glow which will come on your face will make other people wonder what you have found. From where is this joy, this spark coming? You aren’t going to worry about others at all, keep on living in this fashion and life will open up new possibilities for you.
When you are strong, vibrant, energetic, then you will begin to function as a magnet and people will get attracted to you. This is ironic – when you are a beggar, you are shunned but when you are rich with true wisdom, you become the real monarch.