Escape Insomnia: Discover The Secrets Of Sound Sleep
The necessity of deep sleep is no less than a luxury today. And those who are not able to sleep properly are said to be suffering from Insomnia. Insomnia means sleeplessness. The fact of the matter is that your quality of sleep is a clear sign of your quality of health. They are so interrelated that deep sleep acts as a boosting tonic for the physical health & mental wellbeing. It rejuvenates the entire system of your body and relaxes your mind. It assuages fatigue as well as infuses immense zeal & enthusiasm.
Ayurveda enlists sleep as one of the three fundamental pillars for a healthy body, the other two being diet and brahmcharya. When followed with prudence they enhance longevity. Thus, one must sleep at appropriate time and wake up at appropriate time. And as one begins to get enough good quality sleep, the afflictions and ailments of the body too begin to subside.
Sleep is such an antidote that alleviates all diseases and completely relaxes the body. Having difficulty in getting to sleep or not to be able to sleep properly is the root cause of several ailments. You must understand that the balance of your body depends upon your sleeping pattern. And you can gauge the quality of your sleep by the way you feel after waking up in the morning. If you feel refreshed then know that you slept well, and if there is tiredness, heaviness and lethargy then know that your sleep was not adequate. And it is because dreams keep running through your mind, due to which you never get deep sleep. So, the mind is not able to relax completely. This is reason why you may feel lethargic, slow, irritable, constipated and so on.

Causes of Insomnia
1. Worry and stress
2. Weakness of body & mind
3. Chronic diseases
4. Running around all the time
5. Excitement
6. Emotional imbalance
7. Dysfunction in digestive system
8. Excessive intake of tea & coffee
9. Spicy food
10. Over fasting
11. Feeling too low or too high
12. Body aches
13. Excessive anger
14. Excessive greed
15. Lack of water
16. Wrong lifestyle

One of the main causes of Insomnia is stress. Ask anyone, are you stressed? The usual answer is no. But the reality is contrary. There is always one or the other worry on the mind which never gets noticed, simply because one is too busy to even notice it. So, we keep on accumulating this stress in our mind that adversely affects our health. And it begins to gradually transpire from mind to body. It begins to reflect as tension & knots in shoulders & neck, headache, acidity, indigestion etc.
Now, to get rid of all this people start taking pills. But they never uproot the underlying root cause i.e worry & stress. Rather these roots gain more strength leading to knots in the body and agitation in the mind. This is the main reason why we are not able to experience the bliss of deep sleep.
Relieving Insomnia
Yoga Nidra is the most powerful & effective method to pierce through the accumulated layers of stress. It enhances our concentration, memory and the power of resolve. It helps relieve Insomnia when practiced before sleeping. You will get deep sleep and your body & mind will remain in good health.

Lifestyle Changes to Relieve Insomnia:
1. Go for a morning walk in fresh air.
2. Do yogasanas & pranayama every day.
3. Eat simple & easy to digest food.
4. Sleep on time and wake up early.

Before you sleep:
5. Take light food at night. Have your dinner 3 hrs. before sleeping.
6. Wash your hands & feet with warm water.
7. Do gunjan (humming) of OM.
8. Pour two drops of desi ghee in your nostrils.
9. Massage the scalp and soles of your feet with sesame oil.

Panchkarma Treatments & Ayurvedic Medicines:
10. Shirodhara: It relieves fatigue & stress and bestows vitality & strength. It is one of the effective ways for complete relaxation of body & mind. It is done with brahmi oil or jatamansi siddha oil, or mulethi siddha milk.
11. Abhyanga: Massage with warm oil.
12. Ayurvedic medicines viz. brahmi shankh pushpi, ashvagandha shatavari, jatamansi etc. are quite helpful in relieving Insomnia. It restores your natural deep sleep and reduces high blood to normal.