God: The Omniscient Spark of Divinity
God is not the name of an entity which is away from us living somewhere in the sky, in some far remote place in the cosmos. For the seers who understood the Truth, God is Truth. Truth and God are synonyms. When I say God it means Truth, when I say Truth it means God. God exists in every core of an atom. This means that this whole universe is a manifestation of that very God, that very existence. Thus, each and every thing as well as the forms which we are seeing is the form of the divinity. That’s why the seers of this land loved and worshipped each and every form as God. God’s presence is not limited. It is limitless. It is beyond the boundaries of human mind.
The sun has billions of rays, which kick off the darkness wherever they fall. From one sun there are billions and trillions of rays shooting out. Every ray is part and parcel of that very sun, and not different from the sun.
Similarly, each and every form of this universe is the ray of that very Divine, of the God, of the Truth. So these enlightened masters loved every plant, every tree, every man, and every woman with the same gusto and with the same love. But as it happens, people around these great masters could not understand the depth of their insight, but still they lovingly picked up the rituals of worshipping plant, trees and even a human being. As every human being is divine, every human being can be called God. You too are God. All of us are God. The seers and sages saw within themselves the divinity and the same light present everywhere. They were not thinking about God, they were not just philosophising, they could feel and they could experience God. Thus, they worshipped and loved living God. Even glade of grass is God. So, sometimes it baffles me when we say that there are three hundred thirty million Gods believed by Hindus. But I would say the number is very less. It is more than this number. Because the numbers should be as many as there are human beings on this earth.
This spark of divinity, if it gets ignited in the person, then such a person can love everyone, worship all. Hindu civilisation grew around the thought that God isn’t far away from us, but in us, within us as well as beyond us. Sun, moon, stars, air, water, from the galaxies to a glade of grass, you, me, and all of us are because of God. A God who is apart from us is just a fabrication of mind. This mind thinks about God because of God. So, we need to go deeper into the inner recesses of the mind to know the eternal source of this mind.
Fire is present everywhere, in all things, because fire is the basic element. Ether, fire, earth, water, and air are the basic ingredients with which this whole world is formed. Fire is everywhere. But you cannot see fire with the naked eye. The fire is right here in this chair on which I am sitting, fire is in this body but the light of this fire will be seen only if we help the fire to come out. Fire too became a sign of God in various religions. When Moses went up the Mount Sinai, it is said that a bush burnt up the holy fire and God talked to him. It is symbolic, fire is being used as a metaphor. Moses was a meditator and the one who is perpetually in silence, observing mind, a day comes when the explosion happens and the unseen is seen. The hidden takes its appearance.
Fire is worshipped by Hindus and Zoroastrians. There are candles lit in churches, lamps in the Buddhist and Jain temples. In one way or the other, fire happens to be in almost all religious places. Fire is a symbol of life, beauty. Fire has been used to explain the omniscience of God by rishis of Upanishad. Fire is right here, there, everywhere but we have to do something to see its glow. God is within us but we have to explore our heart to know the inner light and those who are able to do so are called Enlightened – one who has seen the inner light.