Faith, Beliefs & Spirituality
There is so much in our lives that we simply believe because the enquiry calls for earnestness & effort. And then these beliefs take on the garb of faith, blind faith and what not. Here we present an engaging dialogue wherein the seeker poses few questions about the essence of faith, existence of God and spirituality.
Q: What is the difference between faith and blind faith?
Gurumaa: When you follow others without using your wisdom, it can be called a blind faith. Normally faith is blind because once you know a thing then there is no need to have faith, whether blind faith or just faith, since now you simply know. It is the element of mystery about a thing that calls for faith. Over the centuries we have seen that anything we seem to be unclear and unexplored leads into beliefs. Once you deeply know a thing then the whole phenomenon of knowing becomes complete and total in itself, leaving no room for faith.
Q: I do not believe in any God. I believe in nothingness.
Gurumaa: You believe in nothing. So you are still a believer. You believe in nothing and I am hitting on this whole system called belief. Someone says that he believes in God and you say I believe in nothing. The day you drop all beliefs, even belief of nothing, you will be a truly awakened person. That will be the true freedom. The day you drop all the belief-system, even the belief of nothingness, even the belief that there is no God or the belief of God. The day this belief system is totally eradicated from the root is the day when you experience your moksha, salvation or nirvana or whatever grammatical word one want to use, it is ok. All bondages and all belief systems are the creation of human mind and truth is beyond mind.
Q: Please tell us about man of spirituality?
Gurumaa: Man of spirituality is a gem of person who lives to celebrate life. He is the person who can sing and dance and can bring smiles on your lips. Such a person becomes a giver of joy and at the same time has the capacity to bring a change in lives of people around him. The man of spirituality is no more a miserly person, he is free from the clutches of ego and thus he also becomes free from its hassles.
Q: I am a lawyer and thus my mind has a tendency of cross questioning. Can I still be a man of spirituality?
Gurumaa: Mind is a tool and if one knows how to use it then it can be of help to you in many ways. On the contrary, if one does not know how to use this tool then your own mind becomes devil and can make you suffer. Learn and understand the intricacies of mind, its way of working. Learn the art of meditation and you will live in great peace and comfort, as anyone who meditates grows in more than one way.